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Games We Offer:

Escape Rooms

Have fun solving puzzles to escape our 3 different rooms before the time runs out. You get up to 1 hour to work together to beat the clock. You’re welcome to have from 2-6 players in the game. Themes are all kid friendly.

-Frostbite is a snowy enchanted forest where you must find 3 magic Keys to unlock the Ice princesses wand and stop the freeze . The room gets a bit colder as the time goes by.

-Detention is a fun room based on the classic movie “Breakfast Club”. If you’ve never seen it it’s ok you can still get through . But, if you have you will enjoy going down memory lane to solve the puzzles while unlocking locks to break out of detention!

Coming Soon!

-Secrets of The Manor- Do you have what it takes To enter the castle and find the lost jewels? Well put on your thinking cap. It’s time to become a detective! They have been lost for 50 years. Rumor has it their still there but breaking the code seems impossible. Grab some friends to take a chance of a lifetime to retrieve the lost treasure from the secrets of the manor.

Price: $25 per person

Rage Room

I’ll say this is cheaper than therapy! Feeling angry after your shift at work? Want to get all that energy out by smashing things? Or just do it because it’s a blast. Well if you do our Rage Room is perfect for you! You will get 2 big items and 30 bottles. 20 minutes inside our rage room is good for anyone ages 10 and up. Safety equipment is provided. Closed toed shoes are a must. Everyone deserves a little release in their life.

Price: $25 per person

Nerf War

Glow In The Dark Nerf Wars!

Nerf guns have been around for many years. But, you’ve never experienced it like this before! Want to level it up with your friends? Well our Nerf war room will be perfect for you! Bring your friends to enjoy our glow in the dark nerf field!

Price: $7 per person

Price: $5 per person if you help clean

Mini Golf

Want to have a fun, relaxing time playing mini golf in an air conditioned facility. Well now you can! Our mini golf is fun for the whole family. The 9th hole is a doozy. If you beat the leader board score your name will be on the top. If you make par your next games on us!

Price: $5 per person

Soccer Pool

Ever wanted to play pool in a more physical way? Want to work out while you play a fun game? Play pool with soccer balls in our pool ring.

Price: $5 per person


Spirowling is a fun challenging game mixing football, bowling, and cornhole all in one game. Two teams battle it out to see who has the best team. It’s a great game for all ages!

Price: $5 per person

Paint Splatter Room

You receive a 16x 20 canvas to make art in many different ways . We

have spin art available upon booking. Ponchos as well as foot booties are provided. We offer neon paint for those who want to enjoy the black light effect. Your canvas will be available for pick up within 24 hours or you can take it with you that day. This is great for all ages. Perfect for parties and walk away with memories! 

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